“In the two years of running this boat with TCM 1,200’s she has never failed to start and run hard! Reliability, power, service, and value that is simply incredible!“

– John Chilton, AZ

“The customer service at TCM is really top notch. I had a Merc prop hub that didn’t fit quite right from a purchase that was over a year old. Eric insisted on swapping it out for me for at no charge. This is just one of many reasons why TCM continues to get my business! Thanks again Eric!“

–Ned Poole, WA


“I have one of Bob’s motors; what a marvelous machine wonderful thank Bob you have been most helpful. All the best.“

– Fred Stott Jr., FL

“To have a local expert with his experience and willingness to help everyone is awesome!“

– Glenn Hoffman, CA

“Nice, down to earth guy that just like the rest of us has a passion and love for boating! Proud to have a pic of my little boat sitting next to his big boat on a run!“

– Mark Patison, CA

“There is no one better than Bob Teague at what he can make happen, business, racing or as a friend.“

– Mark McManus, FL

“I met Bob very recently this guy knows everything you need to know from motors to gauges, what an amazing facility this is the place to bring your boat hands down“

– Lou Hanhan,CA

“The boat performed flawlessly, customer for life.“

– Patrick Clark, from Las Vegas, NV


“Bought [a] Magic 28 [with TCM power] in 2012. Your motor is awesome. Would like to bring it down to your shop sometime in Nov or Dec and have your guys do the annual on it. Thanks for building the best motor around.“

– Gary Sturm, NV

“I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the years of great service, integrity, and knowledge to better myself that has carried over into my business which is almost 4 years old now. You and your business exemplifies everything the way it should be done. I feel honored to be able to work with you and your great staff, Eric has been very helpful and knowledgable. I wish to model my business the exact same way. I have to admit that I miss the old day’s building and doing everything it takes to do something right and dial it in just perfectly. You have a great staff, great products and hope to do business further into the future.“

– Brett Campbell, CP Marine, AZ

“Teague has my boat right now rebuilding both engines/trannys. Teague is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with and stands behind everything they do, big and small.“

– Don Johnson, CA

“I love Bob Teague and all the employees he has. They have always treated me with professionalism and actually really care about their customers. I will buy from them again and recommend any one else to purchase from this outstanding company!!!“

– Steve Tschetter, GA


“We offer speedboat rides here in Germany with our 28 Pantera which is a former F1 raceboat. We do that on the river Rhine which has a current of about 5 mph and a lot of traffic. If something fails, you are in trouble immediately. When we blew the last engine we decided to go for a strong and reliable engine without any electronics inside. We met Bob Taegue at the Miami boat show and it was clear for us that he will be the one to deal with. We took the TCM 620 from Teague Custom Marine and after 3 years of commercial use with a lot of WOT we have absolutely no issues with this motor. It idles perfect and runs like a dream throughout the whole rpm range. We enjoyed doing business with Teague. We received what we have ordered within the time frame that was agreed. Cherilyn Teague took care of us and did a great job. Thanks to everybody at Teague Custom Marine.“

– Alexander Bollinger, Germany

“I would like to express my appreciation for the extraordinary effort given, and attention to detail by all of the Teague Marine staff that made this repair a success. I had anxiety about tackling a gel coat repair on a brand new boat that involved a metal flake finish defect, where two previous attempts at repair had failed to return the boat to its original condition. Teague Marine returned my boat in pristine condition exhibiting the highest attention to detail to assure the job was done properly. Dorian was exceptional in his follow through and care for the boat as if it was his one. The gel coat specialist is truly that and should be acknowledged for his craftsmanship. Please extend my appreciation to your team for this most successful outcome. I will jump at the chance to recommend Teague Marine to my fellow boaters. With deep appreciation“

– Art Border, CA

““I could not be happier with the [TCM 800] power plant and the customer service I have always been given. You guys are first class. I can’t wait to get back in the boat. This will be the 10th summer on the water!“

– Mike Brambilla, CA

“I’ve got to say how nice it is doing business with Teague, every time I have ordered parts or dealt with anyone they have been very knowledgeable and you would get the impression that it is a small family run business like mine where you remember people and faces but I know you are a large operation that just treats people like you are a small business. That is not common anymore and it’s refreshing to see. The reputation you have all worked hard on is the reason I am bringing my motors down to you“

– Dave Durett, NV

“Got my new drive reservoirs from Teague Custom Marine today. These are truly works of art! It’s so nice to be WOWED by a purchase. Thank You!“

– Randall Aguirre, Hooligan Performance


“I really appreciate the fast turnaround…I can trust all of you to take care of all aspects of the work to get it done right. I can’t say that about too many other businesses in the boating industry. You guys are the best.“

– Roger Neighbors, KS

“Teague is no joke! I had a Teague 800 in an older Magic for many years without one issue. I ran that thing hard every weekend and it never let me down. You get what you pay for with the Teague family! Keep up the stellar service guys! You’re the best in the biz!”

– Shayne Williams


"You can always count on Teague Custom Marine to come through. Thanks!"

- Mark Lee

"I support local business and especially ones that are the caliber of [Teague Custom Marine]. Performance boating is a family sport, and such is the image you guys show. The hospitality is second to none. And your products are second to none."

– Tim Kilgore, CA

“Nothing but the best, right in our own backyard! Teague paid as much attention to my problem on my old jet boat back in the day as they did for my 830HP Eliminator. Same dedication. Same enthusiasm”

– Vincent Valdivia, CA

"I'm in Connecticut and call Adrian all the time for advice on my 525s, I wish he was closer because of all his expert advice on BOATS and questions I have, you CANNOT ASK for a more knowledgeable polite and professional person in the Boat World. Thanks again."

- Rick V, CT.

"I had TCM build an 825 EFI Motor. It is a fine, reliable piece of machinery! Bob Teague and his staff stands for nothing but the very best in quality. I highly recommend Teague Custom Marine for very professional service!"

-Ron Ostlund, Lake Havasu, AZ

"Definitely a one stop shop for all your boating needs, TCM is setting the bar."

-Myke Strafford, CA


“Made the local paper this week from this past weekend’s poker run. The [Eliminator 28 Speedster powered by TCM 825 EFI’s] got best appearing boat award and my youngest son got 4 Aces and won $5,000. OMG I love this thing!”

– Alan Hasty, Houston, TX

"After searching online at numerous marine rebuild shops to have my motors rebuilt, I found that Teague Custom Marine had a Mercury upgrade program, and I knew this was the shop for me. I can’t be more pleased, my boat ran 10 MPH more right out of the box, now has a little more attitude, it's just perfect. The engines look and run great, and I highly recommend this [Mercury 500 EFI to TCM 600 EFI] upgrade package. The Teague team has been very professional and to say they know their business is an understatement."

– Chuck Saul, WA


"I run both boats out of Teague's house and wouldn't have it any other way."

– Lawrence Coelho

"Thank you guys again for being on time and on budget, that goes a long way in your industry. It was a pleasure working with you guys." – Brad Vernaci

"TCM delivers once again, boat in on Monday for full engine and drive service and back out same week. 60 hours on our [Teague] 1,250’s and not a single issue! Great job TCM." – Don & Christie Johnson

"Thank you for your great work that you do!" – Jim Petersen, Port Harbor Marine Inc, ME

"Never been to their shop but called from Wickenburg AZ and spoke with Matt. I can just tell from my interaction that these peple strait up. Very generous with time and information/advice." – Ace Baily AZ

"These guys have the best customer service of any parts store I have ever done business with. We ordered a pair of props one of which had the wrong hub kit (appeared to be an error from the manufacturer). Teague instantly sent out a replacement! I will definitely use again." – Jack McIntyre, UT

"Best Boat Service Ever!Teague got me back out on the water. I've owned my boat for 21 years and I've had lotsof opportunity to have repairs done... Everyoneat Teague was first class, pleasant, helpful, and honest. I’ll be back!"– Darryl Preedge

"I will not take my DCB to anyone else... if you're looking for a professional shop that stands by theirwork, this is where you take your baby. Just something to be said about your boat being fixed byprofessionals and knowing your weekend on the water won’t be spent in the shop."– Joseph McIntire

"These guys are great, know their trade, polite, clean, thorough and just all around a pleasure to work with. Also can't forget to mention the gals in the office [who] make stuff happen on the front end, which, as a business owner I know the value of everyone, team effort!"– Don Jordan, Winters, CA

ere is a reason you guys are the best in the business, Josh and your team absolutely killed this build — every detail was taken care of, we are so happy [with] how this turned out. Thank you again Teague Custom Marine, you guys rock."– Todd Bogh, Highland, UT

"Teague Custom Marine has done one hell of a good job for me!"– Dale Spark, BC, Canada

"I would just call Teague Custom Marine Inc, they are hands down the most knowledgeable motor guys in the business and won't sell you something you don't need. Get answers through experience."– Brett Avazian

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