Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague March 2023

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
March 2023 Issue.

565 With XR DRIVE

Dear Bob:

Q. I have 2019 Nordic 29′ deck boat with a Mercury Racing 565 motor package that came with the XR drive. After 200 hours, my drive has failed. I am not sure what’s wrong with it yet because I have not had it taken apart for inspection.

Is this drive too small? should I consider changing to a different drive? Will I get more life out of a different drive? play on Lake Havasu.

David Hutcheson
Garden Grove, CA

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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague Jan/Feb 2023

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
Jan/Feb 2023 Issue.

3600 Supercat

Dear Bob:

Q. I own a 2007 Nor-Tech SuperCat 36′ catamaran with Twin 1150s and Mercury Racing SSMVI drysump drives. The hull has notches in the running surfaces at the transom. I am running 37″-pitch to 40″-pitch props spinning out. What should my drives “toe” be set at? (To verify, “toe” is the measurement of the tips of nosecones being closer to or further apart than the center line of the propshafts.)

The boat does have an issue with porpoising, but as far as I’ve ever been able to find out, it is normal and to just deal with it! I’m a new cat owner coming from a vee, so I honestly did not know what to expect. I have been told that newer versions of the 3600 have the notched bottom and the older ones did not. The reason I say this is that I’ve also read
that it makes a difference whether you should spin propellers in or out. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You can see the “notch”, the drain plug, and water pickup if you look closely at the picture I included of my boat. Obviously, I would trust your opinion over anything I have read, so I appreciate the information.

David Guralnick
Portland, OR

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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague Nov/Dec 2022

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
Nov/Dec 2022 Issue.

Competition Cams
Pro Magnum Rocker Arms

Dear Bob:

Q. I have a pair of Mercury 500 EFI engines and have had one of the aluminum rocker arms fail. I am considering upgrading to the Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum rocker arms (part number 1820-16). Will these rocker arms fit under the Mercury Racing Valve covers used on the 500 EFI engines?
Thank you!

Ed Martell
Fountain Valley, CA

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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague Sept/Oct 2022

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
Sept/Oct 2022 Issue.

MSD Ignition Box

Dear Bob:

Q. I have a 27’ Eliminator Daytona that eats
MSD 6AL ignition boxes. I have owned this
boat nine years and I have had six MSD 6AL
ignition boxes fail in that time. My boat is
not some high tech “Space X Raptor thing.” It is just a Dart big block with a Delphi ECM and a Whipple quad rotor system. The drive
is an IMCO with the dual down shaft. The prop is a five-blade.

I noticed that you put the MSD boxes on a mount on the front of your engines. I am
wondering if the reason is heat related. I think it looks better on the rear of the motor.
Mine is on the back of the engine on a billet bracket. I checked and changed the coil,
ignition wires, power cables, and grounds, but not the mounting location. I am still
having the problem.

Should I consider relocating the MSD box or do you think that I am cooking the ignition
box for some reason. Please help!

Carter Pasch
Garden Grove, CA

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