Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague July/August 2020

Speedboat Magazine Cover for July/August

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s July/August 2020 Issue.

Dual Power Steering Pumps

Dear Bob:
I have a twin engine MerCruiser setup
with an obsolete priority valve for the steering that has been disabled by the previous owner of my Grady White. The steering system does not have a hydraulic helm, but instead uses a cable that is routed to the Saginaw type steering valve located on the inner transom of one of the drives. Currently, there is one power steering pump on each engine, but one is currently disconnected from the system. Both engines are equipped with power steering coolers that feed the reservoirs on the power steering pumps. Since the Mercury Marine priority valve kit (part #79681A1) is no longer available, can I use the IMCO Priority Valve as a replacement? Would the existing OEM hoses and fittings be compatible?
Thank you!
Erin Marden
Bingham, ME

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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague May/June 2020

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s May/June 2020 Issue.

525SC Overheating at Idle

Dear Bob:
I have a ’97 Fountain 42 with three 525SCs. It has been parked and not run for two years. When I started one of the engines on a hose, after about ten minutes the temp gauge went up to 140 then dropped back down to below 100 and the overheat alarm started going off. I have replaced both the thermostat and sea water pump. Water pressure is normal (compared to the other two engines) while running. I also installed a gauge where the alarm sender is located in the intake manifold and verified the temp is around 190 there and the water is in fact cold around the thermostat. I am not sure where to look now.
Danny Barnett
Santa Fe, TX

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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague April 2020

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s April 2020 Issue.

Dear Bob:
I’m plumbing a twin-engine power steering with pressure from both pumps. I have a return line question. If I run a single line thru the straight part of a tee to a second cooler then branch from tee to first cooler, will it show preference or overload second reservoir? Or should I turn the tee and branch and run 2 sort of equal length lines to coolers to better balance the flow? Or, should I run sealed reservoir caps with hose reservoir cap to reservoir cap to balance? I am wondering if a closed system will present problems. My experience is with Sea Star style hydraulic steering which is fairly basic. My new boat requires new knowledge.

Thanks for any info you may have.

Todd Buchanan Lake Isabella, MI

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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague March 2020

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s March 2020 Issue.

Force Feed or
Pump to the

Dear Bob:
I have noticed that you run 2- or 3-stage raw water pumps on your supercharged EFI engines. What compensations do you make in the program that addresses the fuel puddling in the manifold under the intercooler? Are you just adding more fuel at idle or is there some
other tricks?

I am currently force feeding my intercoolers but intend to rebuild the engines
and outfi t them with 2-stage water pumps, and a sea strainer for both the intercoolers and engines and remove the intercooler pickups.

The engines are custom built 509 cubic inch big block Chevys with WhippleChargers and MOAIC intercoolers.


Kim Bomanson Finland Aland, AL

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