Team AMSOIL 3rd Overall in Key West Worlds

AMSOIL Offshore Achieves 3rd Place in Heated Competition at 2015 SBI Key West World Championships

The 35th Annual Key West Offshore World Championships was the stage for the greatest race yet in the Superboat Class.  Nine Superboats were preregistered, including a brand new 388 Skater being raced for the first time by the new Performance Boat Center team and a completely in-house effort by Maritimo from Australia. All the new faces and equipment brought with them much intrigue and drama, but as any Key West veteran knows, it is experience and not hype that counts.

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Team AMSOIL Offshore in Port Huron

AMSOIL Offshore Battles Challenging Course at Port Huron for Overall Win

Team AMSOIL Offshore traveled back to Michigan for the third weekend in a row for their last Great Lakes stop at Port Huron, Michigan.  The historical shipping and trade city is located at the southern base of Lake Huron and the mouth of the Saint Clair River, which is also the border between Michigan and Canada.  The race is a very unique international effort that involves officials and events in both the United States and Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  In terms of exposure in the past, the Port Huron venue was overshadowed by the crowd and boat count of the Saint Clair race two weeks prior.  However, the event has been gaining momentum, and with a boat count over 40 and huge local spectator turnout on both the American and Canadian shores, the venue was a great success for great racing!
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Team AMSOIL Offshore in Michigan City

Team AMSOIL Battles Lake Michigan for 3rd at SBI Great Lakes Grand Prix


Immediately after a stellar performance at Saint Clair, Michigan, Team AMSOIL Offshore crossed the state for the SBI Great Lakes Super Boat Grand Prix in Michigan City, Indiana.  It was the first time since 2010 that the Team had raced at Michigan City and the large local spectator turnout that year had them anticipating another great event!  Not only does the picturesque white sand beach pack with people for miles, there is a Saturday night street parade and block party that, combined with the race, attract over 100,000 fans!

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AMSOIL Offshore Continues Winning Tradition

AMSOIL Offshore Continues Winning Tradition for 21st Annual St. Clair River Classic

After a victory at their season opener at the SBI Marathon, FL race, the AMSOIL Offshore race team went north to Michigan to race on the Saint Clair River.  This event, sanctioned by OPA with assistance from BWORA, has been a long time favorite venue for the team with an excellent local turnout and atmosphere.  Throttleman Bob Teague, Driver Paul Whittier, and the crew were excited to be participating in the 2015 St. Clair River Classic.

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