Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2018 Issue.

Bravo 1 Sticks in Forward

Dear Bob:
Is there any reason my drive would stick in forward? I can sometimes get it out using some force on the shifter, but sometimes I had to shut down the engine and then it shifts back to neutral. It shifts to reverse and back to neutral without any problems. It also appears to work fine once it is shifted into forward but won’t come out. This is a new boat to me, and I’ve only been out twice in it. It kind of did it the first time out, and then was a real issue this last time. Docking is really not fun. Here are the specs: Bravo 1, twin BBCs with B&M supercharger (circa 1989), hydraulic steering, drive showers.
Syd Crawford Poughkeepsie, NY
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