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Welcome to the Teague Custom Marine blog.  For over forty years, we’ve been focused on the high performance marine industry, hands-on and at the cutting edge of new technology and innovation for both pleasure boaters and racers.  We invite you to visit us here often.  Our purpose is to bring you timely and accurate information and insight about what’s happening in the world of high performance boating.  You can count on us to give you straight answers and good advice.  We also encourage you to comment and become involved in the total process.  Let’s get this journey started – again, welcome aboard.

Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague June 2021

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
June 2021 Issue.

Bravo XR Slipping?

Dear Bob:

I have a 2004 Powerquest 380. It has Mercury Racing 525EFI engines with Bravo XR drives and 30”-pitch Bravo One four-blade propellers. At WOT, I get 74 mph with port engine running 5,200 rpm, and the starboard will rev to 5,800. The paint on the starboard upper case looks chalky like it is running hot. Is there something in the drive that is slipping causing the high revs and discoloration of the outdrive case?
Lee Moore
Clyde, OH

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Pitch Perfect

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
April 2021 Issue.

Recently, a customer asked me for some advice about choosing a prop for his 2003 Cigarette Gladiator. The boat was equipped with staggered stock Mercury 575 SCIs and Bravo I XR outdrives, with 2006 style SportMaster lower units on ITS gimbals. He’d purchased the boat with 30”-pitch Bravo Is; after testing it, he bought a set of new 2016
Mercury Maximus ST 15.3″x32″-pitch Pro Finish (shiny). The 32″-pitch Maximus choice was based upon the prop choice of other Gladiator owners on the online forums, who claimed they were able to reach 92 mph using this propeller.
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Teague On Tech: Q & A with Bob Teague March 2021

As seen in Speedboat Magazine’s
March 2021 Issue.

454 Camshaft Upgrade

Dear Bob:
I am going to do a camshaft change I’ve been planning for a number of years with my 454 MerCruiser. The heads are iron GM which have been ported by a reputable builder to blend the valve work and clean up the pockets. The chamber CC with the combination results in a compression ratio of 9:1 and the flow is respectable. I just want to get a sanity check on my spring selection. I’m will be running an Ultradyne HR 276/286 hydraulic roller camshaft that has a duration measured at .050” lift of 222 degrees on the intake and 230 degrees on the exhaust with a gross lift of .600” on the intake and exhaust.  I have a set of 8205-Plus ISKY springs which when installed at 1.900” closed will result in an on-the-seat pressure of 150 lbs., and provide 414 lbs. open, however this set up will be .180” from coil bind. Should I shim to 1.850″/172 lbs. closed, and 1.250”/436 lbs. open? This would put me at .130” from coil bind. I understand the cur-rent thinking is springs should be set .060” to .120” from coil bind to avoid any potential coil surge. The maximum RPM for this engine will be 5,100 to 5,200 RPM. I am looking forward to your reply.
Rich Chrzanowski
Warrington, PA

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