TCM 1400 EFI

Proudly offering the most horsepower on pump gas in the industry, the crown of the Teague Custom Marine engine line is the 1400 EFI. This engine produces peak horsepower at a staggering 7400 RPM, for the best applied torque and acceleration figures available from any pump gas engine package available today.

Configurable to run either 91 octane pump gas or 110 leaded race fuel, with a program and pulley change, these engines go from weekend warriors to professional shootout contenders. The TCM 1400 EFI package is versatile for different installations, featuring a 5.0L Whipple Screw Compressor and a twin core MOAIC cupronickel intercooler for low height profile and max midrange torque, or the behemoth twin 3.3L Whipple Quad Rotor with a massive 6" FOAC cupronickel intercooler for maximum top end horsepower and speed.


850 EFI

The TCM 1400 EFI is based upon a tall deck World Merlin 3 Billet Splayed Main caps block, with a Sonny Bryant Billet crankshaft, Carrillo connecting rods, proprietary AFR CNC 24 Degree Heads, T&D Steel Shaft Roller Rocker Systems, Camshaft Belt Drives and Solid Body EZ-Max Roller Lifters, and Proprietary LS1 firing order big lift cam, this 565 cubic inch engine represents the pinnacle of big block Chevrolet based performance without the relying on exotic and unreliable offset-geometry valvetrain solutions.

Priced standard with a 300 GPH Weldon Fuel system, CMI Big Tube fully water jacketed stainless steel headers, Latham full SS triple stage water pump, and the new severe duty Velvet Drive LHP72 transmission, the TCM 1400 EFI is built to outperform. The TCM 1400 EFI is finished with fully color matched billet aluminum accessories and custom plumbing, combined with custom supercharger and valve cover powder paint options for a truly custom engine installation.


1400 EFI Specifications
DISPLACEMENT:565 Cu.In. (9.3L)
REQUIRED FUEL:91 Octane Unleaded
WARRANTY:One (1) Year Limited


BLOCK:World Merlin III Iron w/ Billet Splayed
Mains, Tall Deck, Blueprinted
CRANKSHAFT:Bryant Racing Billet 4330M, 4.375"
Stroke, Internally Balanced
CONNECTING RODS:Carrillo H-Beam w/SPS Carr Bolts
PISTONS/PINS:Custom CP Pistons Forged
Aluminum/ENS Pins
RINGS/BEARINGS:Total Seal/Clevite M-77H Series

AFR 375T2 Proprietary CNC Ported
and Chambered Aluminum, 24° Valve
Angle, 11/32" Bronze Guides, Tucker
H-Series 52C Rockwell Valve Seats
VALVES:Ferrea SS Intake and SuperAlloy
Inconel Exhaustt

Proprietary Solid Roller 8620 Billet
Core Camshaft, Adjustable Camshaft
Belt Drive System, ISKY EZ-Max
Lifters, Trend Pushrods, Isky Tool
Room Valve Springs, Manley Tooled
Steel Retainers, T&D Steel Shaft
Rocker System w/ M4 Axles

Single 5.0L Whipple Screw
Compressor w/ Low-Profile MOAC
Dual Pass Cupronickel Intercooler or
Dual 3.3L Whipple Screw
Compressors w/ FOAC 6"
Cupronickel Intercooler, Electronic
Fuel Injection, Integrated Weldon
Fuel System w/ TCM Billet FST
Filter Head

Mil-Spec EFI Wiring Harness w/
Adaptive Warning Protection, MSD
6M2L Marine Ignition with Soft Touch
Rev Control
SEA PUMP:Latham SS Triple Stage Pump w/
Custom TCM SS Adapters

Mercury Racing M6 w/ Velvet Drive
72-LHP Dry Sump

Dry Sump Oiling System,,SS/Billet
Brackets and Pulleys, Dual 16 Plate
Bellhousing Oil Coolers, Integrated
Transmission/Steering Cooler, HD
Chromoly Drive Plate, Engine

TCM SS Adjustable Pick-Up, TCM
HD Sea Strainer w/ Inline Pressure
Relief, Strainer Crossover and Flush,
Associated TCM Plumbing and

Block: Gloss Black Standard,
Custom Paint Available / Heads:
Polished or Black Anodized / Valve
Covers: Polished or Gloss Black
Standard, Custom Powder Coat or
Carbon Fiber Available /
Supercharger: Polished or Gloss
Black Standard, Custom Coating
Available / Pulleys: Polished or 5
Anodized Color Choices Standard
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