Teague Custom Marine Platinum XR Upper

(gear ratio is determined in lower)

Note: Rear cover and cavitation plate not included. 

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Complete Upper XR Assembly
Platinum XR Upper (gear ratio is determined in lower)

TCM has over 40 years in race development and research in the boating industry, with over 10 years experience building high performance Bravo drives. The skills required to produce such an awesome drive are not just in the parts experience€.The Platinum XR is designed for today'€™s high-performance engines. Using our exclusive, drive saving torsional vertical shaft (TVS) and our brand new Platinum XR gears along with our other matching components, we have relieved torque loads aimed at the forward drive gear bearings during hard acceleration or re-entry.

The Platinum XR drive accompanies the Ilmor and Teague Custom Marine Engine packages as standard equipment up to 825HP.

Our Platinum XR drive is race prepared using the Mercury XR upper housing and your choice of lower gear cases in any length: Mercury standard or Sport-Master or IMCO's satin, polished or painted finishes.  Performance gear cases with enhanced longer torpedoes (Nose-cones) are designed for boats capable of reaching speeds in excess of 80+ mph, providing superior hydrodynamics, helping to eliminate prop blowout at higher speeds. Platinum parts fit most Mercury Bravo I, XZ, and XR gear cases for greater versatility. Torsional Vertical Shaft (TVS) - The secret to our drive success. Relieves torque loads to the forward drive gear and bearings during hard acceleration and/or hard re-entries. 

TCM heavy duty Platinum 1 1⁄4 propshaft made from heat-treated stainless steel, designed for maximum strength and optimum performance.

Larger U-joint assembly than standard Bravo I, to handle increased horsepower and torque. Billet top cap designed to hold precise tolerances, increase strength, and prevent deflection in upper case.

Platinum XR gear housing includes SS tower for added strength.

Net forged bevel straight cut tooth gears have redesigned upper gear socket floor for enhanced strength and durability.

TCM Billet Bearing Carrier to support propshaft.

Low & Dual Water Pickup gear cases designed to enhance reliability for step-hull designed boats with elevated engine installations and/or when operating the drive at higher trim angles. This design improves the flow of cooling water to the engine and prevents aeration Lower cases available in standard, 1" and 2"€ lengths.

Designed for boats capable of reaching speeds in excess of 80 plus mph, provides superior hydrodynamics, enhanced
by longer torpedo which raises blowout speed.

Lowers available in these configurations:
Gears: 1:50, 1:35, and 1:24 gear ratios.
Lower housings: Mercury standard or Sport-Master or IMCO's satin, polished or painted.
Length: Standard, -1" or -2"€ shorter.

rear cover not included

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