Get fluids in and out of your components with our high quality line of fittings, adapters, hose, and stainless steel rigging components. From water pickups to fuel returns, we can supply you with a complete rigging kit to accomplish a clean and custom installation. Teague Custom Marine is the exclusive supplier of custom SS marine rigging hardware to DCB, MTI, Nordic, Eliminator, Statement, Cigarette, and many others. You want to install and rig like a professional? Buy what the professionals use! Don't see exactly what you need here? We can make a solution to any rigging problem in house!

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  • SS Water Crossovers

    SS Water Crossovers
  • SS Offshore Sea Strainers

    SS Offshore Sea Strainers
  • SS Water Dumps / Bulkheads

    Stainless Steel Water Dumps and Bulkheads
  • SS Hose Tees

    SS Hose Tees
  • Hose Clamps

    Hose Clamps
  • Hoses

  • Exhaust Plumbing

    Exhaust Water Plumbing
  • SS Water Pick Ups

    SS Water Pickups
  • Thermostat Housings

    SS Thermostat Housings
  • Engine Plumbing Kits

    Engine Plumbing Kits
  • Pressure Relief & Check Valves

    Water Pressure Relief Valves
  • AN Hose Ends / Adapters

    AN Hose Ends / Adapters / Fittings
  • Engine Flushing / Ball Valves

    Engine Flush Fittings and Ball Valves
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