A driver is only as good as his instrumentation. Here at Teague Custom Marine, we like having lots of gauges! Get the information you need to protect your investment and add some flash to your dash with marine gauges and controls from Livorsi, Latham, Bluewater, and more. Turn some heads with Rigid Industries incredible new marine series LED lighting, guaranteed to get your ride noticed!

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  • Marine Gauges

    Teague Custom Marine | Marine Gauges
  • Livorsi LED Indicators

    Teague Custom Marine | Livorsi LED Indicators
  • Gauge Senders / Warning Systems

    Teague Custom Marine | Gauge Senders / Warning Systems
  • Control / Indicator Cables

    Teague Custom Marine | Control / Indicator Cables
  • Controls / Throttles / Shifters

    Teague Custom Marine | Controls / Throttles / Shifters
  • Trim Controls

    Teague Custom Marine | Trim Controls
  • Marine Navigation Lights

    Teague Custom Marine | Marine Navigation Lights
  • Rigid Industries Marine LED Lighting

    Teague Custom Marine | Rigid Industries Marine LED Lighting
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