Get your engine breathing freely and producing max power! We offer only the highest quality performance marine exhaust components from CMI and IMCO. Keep the noise down and the power up with high performance mufflers from Gibson, IMCO, and Teague Custom Marine. Browse our large selection of performance marine exhaust, headers, manifolds, risers, tailpipes, mufflers, flappers, tips, and stainless components from Custom Marine (CMI), IMCO, Gibson, and Teague Custom Marine. Most parts including Gibson and CMI are in stock and can ship same day.

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    Marine Exhaust Systems
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    Header Tailpipes and Accessories
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    Marine Exhaust Manifold Risers, Brackets, and Gaskets
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    High Performance Marine Mufflers
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    Marine Exhaust Flappers Rings and Block Off Plates
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