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The complete line of Teague Custom Marine (TCM) engines range from 600 horsepower to 1600+ horsepower. The TCM family of engines is certified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) for installation in new boats nationwide as 3-Star, Ultra Low emissions. Teague Custom Marine is one of only three high performance marine engine builders in the world to achieve this certification. TCM engines are the ultimate in horsepower and reliability, built with superior components and craftsmanship, and are backed by a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty. Teague Custom Marine can provide the engine package and all necessary rigging components to make any application complete and custom.


Teague Custom Marine's product validation and success is largely attributed to working closely with its boat building partners, as well as field testing in both pleasure and race applications.  Through designing solutions for demanding installs and applications, as well as torture testing products in the most brutal high performance conditions, Teague Custom Marine passes on the benefits of its experience to you.


Teague Custom Marine has an entire family of proven EFI engine packages, including the TCM 850, TCM 1100, TCM 1250, the TCM 1400/1600. Teague Custom Marine’s custom marine engines have propelled countless performance boating enthusiasts to wins and records, and the company’s primary goal is to help you find the solutions that works best for your configuration. Teague Custom Marine engine packages are the ultimate in power and reliability…turn-key perfection.


For more information on the Teague Custom Marine TCM engine packages, please see Teague Engines


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