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Need more power? Teague Custom Marine offers a range of marine superchargers that boost our engine output. Get optimal power without completely rebuilding your marine engine when you equip your setup with a high performance supercharger. The fastest way to take your engine to the next level of performance is forced induction. Teague Custom Marine sells and installs marine superchargers from Whipple, The Blower Shop, BDS, and Littlefield. We also stock everything you need to customize your setup, such as: Pulleys, Belts, Air Cleaners, Flame Arrestors, Throttle Linkage Kits, and Fuel Hardlines. Intercoolers are a must for any marine supercharged engine and will not only give you additional horsepower gains, but increase the life and reliability of your engine. We manufacture our Superchiller line in house and are the leading distributor for Whipple Supercharger's line of Cupronickel Intercoolers.

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  • Marine Superchargers

    Whipple Screw Compressors
    TBS Roots Blowers
    Marine Superchargers
  • Intercoolers

    Superchiller / Whipple Cupronickel
  • Blower Drive Belts

    8MM / TBS / Ribbed
    Blower Drive Belts
  • Supercharger Pulleys

    Billet Aluminum
    V-Belt / 8MM / Ribbed
    Supercharger Pulleys
  • Throttle Linkage Kits

    Clamps / Adapters / Cable Ends
    Throttle Linkage Kits
  • Mercury Racing ECU Upgrades

    525 / 600 / 700
    850 / 1075 SCi
    Mercury Racing ECU Upgrades

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